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“Bluebird” is the upcoming single from Ben Beal. A brilliant piece of music combining jazz and alternative elements blended together so masterfully. Bluebird was produced by Hudi as well as Gregory Ross. “Bluebird” features the signature vocals by Kill Bill: The Rapper. The track is out on June 24th (today as we publish this article) via Fishbowl Records, a jazz-rap label from Too Lost.

At 21 years of age, Ben Beal comes across as a seasoned lyricist with plenty to say and not shy of speaking his mind freely through his music. As many within the younger generation, he’s mastered a wide range of production styles. From mellow Lo-Fi beats to 808 trap. He can deliver groove and substance in all of them with brio. Adding the fact that his immense love of everything jazz music has also bled into the influences he likes to pour into his music, Ben Beal brings that unmistakable groove to the table. “Bluebird” his no exception to the rule. Listen for yourself.

 Listen on Spotify : Ben Beal – Bluebird


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