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Here’s a luscious piece of soothing music you might want to play as you’re sipping a vintage whisky during what is essentially an easing of the lockdown measures in the western world. Something to consume to ease-in to normalcy once these strange times fade away.

Alvyn T is from Perth in Australia and is well known for producing artists including Jae Laffer of The Panics and Meg Mac by way of his former band The Lazy Calm to give you a sense of his work background. As well as touring extensively with Tim & Jean. With all of that on his plate, he’s also pursuing a solo career often pairing his skills to equally interesting talent featured on his tracks for vocals.

Today we bring you his first solo release titled ” My Rock”. The track takes us through some gentle instrumentation and layers brilliantly delivered vocals à la James Blake and Bon Iver. The track revolves around finding peace and solace in your loved ones during these difficult times. Produced and mastered in a mere five weeks in his home studio, the track has taken Alvyn T through the up and downs of the lockdown. And we couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Letting us enjoy some comforting sounds as we in turn ease-up restrictions.


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