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Inude have sprung-up in our feed before with a brilliant little gem titled “So Easy” in the past. Giacomo, Flavio and Francesco formed the band back in 2014 and are originally from southern Italy. The electronic trio drips of soulfulness, spacey guitars and warm soundscapes that will take you on a blissful journey.

Listen to “We Share” by Inude below

Having played in various festivals around Italy to support their debut EP “Love Is In The Eyes Of Animals” back in 2016, Inude returned with new material in the form of a LP titled “Clara Tesla” in 2020. 10 shows into the tour, they had to cancel the remainder of shows because of the pandemic and focused on writing more songs with the time they had on hand.

The first single Inude released today from these writing sessions is titled “We Share”. The quintessential alternative-pop track is layered expertly with ship-sharp electronica and airy vocals. Something that is pretty rare these days and deserves to be shared and applauded.

Speaking about the song, Inude shares:

When the loneliness gets the better of you and other people’s approval no longer eases your insecurity you have two choices: the first, you can hide away in silence but this is the fastest way to get lost and disappear. The second, you can share your feelings and fears, open yourself up to the people around you and face your vulnerability. This is the most difficult option, but choosing this path will teach you to affirm your identity by accepting and loving yourself.

We Share” will be released today, November 13th, via Italian record label Factory Flaws.


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