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Sometimes, a really appealing profile comes across on Submithub.com and renders the search for new talent an absolute joy. It happened a few moments ago when Hermann Newman‘s material got through to me. This independant producer, originally from England, but currently based out of the Electronic Mecca that is Amsterdam sent in this little brilliance of track. It’s called “Console Tone” and features the equally vibrant vocals by Luna Himoe. A seemingly Japanese artist that will send all your Kawai meters through the ceiling. Considered J-pop to some, to me it’s just plain amazement to my earhole. Plenty of melody, pristine vocal delivery and something you can easily singalong too !

Hermann Newman truly delivers something special in collaborating with Luna Himoe on the track “Console Tone” off of his second EP, which dropped mid-August via Concrete Hermitage.

The whole body of work is worth a spin too. We especially fell for other collaborator Emamouse and their track “Deflated” also on this 2nd EP. Make sure you follow Hermann Newman and his insane music over at his numerous socials and we hope to catch his live soon to tell you more. ;-)…

PS: All his music is a name your price scheme over at Bandcamp… Make sure you get a digital copy before it’s too late. Click here.

Follow Hermann Newman on : Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Bandcamp

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