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We’ve covered this anonymous band called WEIRDO previously in the past, twice. Each time covering the kick arse track they’d put out, respectively Butter in our Introducing piece, and Armanio in the following article. Today the enigmatic ‘band’ returns with a high-octane track called “Attitude” and hopes to reiterate the success they’ve garnered in the past.

WEIRDO is just as its name suggest. WEIRD. They’d started back in 2014 with a demo called “Disco” but quickly re-ajusted their online promotional brief and decided to re-evaluate and make more songs to follow. Now 2016, the band has more to offer and is ready to unleash some brilliant music (of which you can hear below). As soon as “Butter” had hit the interwebs, WEIRDO suddenly could count on support from a multitude of music blogs from around the world, including Sodwee.com and went on to top Hype Machine charts, get support from heavy influencers on radio, both Annie Mac and Zane Lowe got their hot little hands on this track and backed it 100%.


Today however it is more of a blunt statement that WEIRDO is trying to make :

It’s a more raw, do-it-yourself-whilst-feeling-aggressive style track. Attitude is a weird one. When I wrote this, I had just gone through a nasty break-up and I was completely alone. Looking back at it now though, it’s a coming of age tale, spurred by emotions, aggression, a bad attitude and not feeling in denial anymore. Now that I’m living between Berlin and the UK, I can totally see the difference in social and cultural acceptances, which I can relate to with Attitude.

Make sure you follow WEIRDO on socials, as the band unveils some new tracks in the future, maybe some live dates here and there…. All the information is at the bottom of this post. Indulge alright ?!.

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