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From the UK comes a five-piece band called Groves with quality tracks left, right and center. From Peckham in South London, Nick Hayes, Tim Mackin, Tom Carmichael, Dominic Quaeck and Nick Baxter unleash premium sounds onto your earholes. Often compared to LCD Soundsystem, the fivesome slay it like it’s not permitted in a live setting. Recently at Midi Festival in southern France with a reputation for breaking the coolest bands around Europe.

Groves lays a synth-driven percussive beat and adds the precise amount of vocals on top resulting in the perfect track for a late night gazing in the sweaty indian summery vibes of a busy european town such as Paris, or London. Groves also have a few track on record. Very few as they like to take their new creations out on test-drives during touring before actually committing to record… Listen to the latest three we gathered from their Soundcloud and enjoy the latest single “Do You Feel” which they announced at the same time as signing with [Pias] Different Recordings.

[title maintitle=”PASSPORT” subtitle=”Previous tracks by Groves”]

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