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Twitter is a wonderful place for musicians, and anyone who has any interest in music whatsoever. A place where connections can be made between an artist and his fans, a place for self-promotion and above all, a place where people talk about, point towards and in-fine support great music from around the world. That’s exactly why we’re on the platform, to share good music amongst like-minded people and maybe turn you on to some pretty good finds too.

It is without any surprise that Kaiser The Rambler, also pretty well-known in the british music scene for being the “talented Formation drummer that smiles non-stop, for no apparent reason” got tweeting, adding @Sodwee in the loop, yesterday feverishly about the new kid on the block: Fredwave.

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Fredwave hails from Wood Green, North London, where he started as a grime MC through his early years as a teen then moved onto singing, songwriting and producing his own blend of quality R&B inspired by the local underground electronic scene as well as the grime trend he once was a part of. Much of his music is pretty obscure much like Sampha‘s or Kwes‘, relating to moments of his young life in London. The ups and the downs of growing up in a busy city.

He recently released the track “99” (listen below), and before that became a hit sensation with tracks “Kno Betta” & the fantastic “Change” (play further down).

It is without a doubt, that great things will happen to Fredwave in the VERY NEAR future. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Also we can’t sit still until we see his dark brand of R&B set light to a stage somewhere and we definitely urge you to follow his musings on Twitter, Soundcloud and / or Facebook for more on this great talent from the heart of the British capital. Someone to keep your eyes on of course.

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Follow Fredwave on : Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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