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Sundaze #83. Got up early to post this. It’s Sunday, it’s 11 am. Gravity, Hank Williams Jr’s “Born To Boogie” is currently shifting all remaining skin off my face through the house speakers. I’ve been prepping this selection all week long and can’t wait for your reactions ! We’ve got some true dollops in this one. You’ll find a correlation between the cover art and one of the tracks inside. Look no further for the perfect Sunday hour and four minutes easy listening. While you go through your week of laundry, the pile of plates you’ve left in the sink yesterday, of casually putting those empty beer bottles away before you do anything else. This is what Sundaze is about. Doing it in style and plenty of Street-Credibility like Deon in New York Citayyyy :

So Ben. There I was strolling through the streets of NYC listening to Sundaze #80 “Hal 9000”. Looked at the album cover and boom it hit me. Space Odyssey!! Awesome collaboration there” – Deon.

Thanks for the the feedback Deon !

Your Sunday is covered musically by Sodwee and Paul Grelet. The guy behind the cover art. It’s Sundaze #83 and we hope you enjoy it… We really like your feedback so far, tell us more in the comment section below ! Stream the tracks to get a teaser in your earholes. Or alternatively, download the tracks you really want individually…

Sundaze #83

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