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Founded back in 2012, Racing Glaciers (we included their track ‘Summit’ in our Sundaze #83 at the time) are an english band with a very guitar centric approach to music. Something U2 championed in it’s own right in their prime. But members of the band Tim Monaghan, Danny Thorpe, Matt Scheepers, Simon John Anderson and Matt Welchhave fell through the cracks of the otherwise homogenic (in our humble opinion) and pretty bland landscape otherwise offered by the indie-rock brit-rock-pop panorama currently in the UK with a few exceptions of course.

"What I Saw" out on 13th of April 2015
“What I Saw” out on 13th of April 2015

The quintet, just dropped “What I Saw”, their newest -epic- piece of music. Full of guitars, and explosive moments followed by powerful vocal laments and easily remembered lyrics and choruses finally put the finishing touches to what we deem as the great british sound we’ve been longing for so long.

That sound we grew up with listening to Dad’s systemic Sunday ironing sessions. You know the drill : Pink Floyd, U2, Genesis, Coldplay, The Cranberries. Not a single Sunday ironing session would be done without that UK guitar sound for soundtrack. That and either Formula One race on mute and at eye-level, or if we were lucky, the Six Nations tournament for only distraction. Yes, because Sunday’s at the Sodwee household would mainly mean full english brunch/breakfast in the purest of traditions too that same morning. Cakes and tea lovingly prepared by Mother in the afternoon. And come 6.30 we’d all sit in front of the box to watch the cartoons on Canal Plus and then change over to Batman the cartoon on channel 3. Yes fond memories indeed…

All this to sustain the fact that Racing Glaciers, aside from being british themselves, would perfectly fit in the Sunday ironing ritual… Alongside those dinosaurs of the British music culture. They’re tracks boast a timeless edge, something recognizable amongst a thousand other songs. It’s defiantly British and proud to be.

Race home, heat up that iron of yours, watch some Six Nations replay and indulge in listening to “What I Saw” by the up-and-coming band from Liverpool (via Macclesfield)… Be sure to check out the previous tracks too.

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