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Keeping it true to its legacy, the Route du Rock 2014 offered a quality line-up, with a blend of top-of-the-bill acts and others more prompt to be seen in smaller scale venues around the world. Starting with everything rock’n’roll until late in the evenings, the stage, and crowd alike turned into something more Electro to the festival-goers’ delight in a setting built for music : Le Fort de Saint Père, located 10 kilometres from the famous St-Malo fortifications and the resting place of Chateaubriand.

This 24th edition was rich in musical and climate distortions, with distinct emotions for every moment in time. From mud swept festival grounds to rainbow filled skies and finally sun filled afternoons. We will bring you a complete, three part account of  what went down at The Route du Rock 2014. With a hint of nostalgia for good measure.

[title maintitle=”Route du Rock 2014″ subtitle=”The Aftermath Playlist”]

[title maintitle=”Hot Air Balloons” subtitle=”Part Three”] [dropcap letter=”W”]oken up at 2pm in the afternoon by a loud buzzing sound coming from the festival grounds, we come to the conclusion that camping isn’t so bad. We’d also like to make a special mention to our next door neighbour with the pink fur tent for guarding her patch with great ferocity, keeping drunkards and piss-takers (literally) at bay for the entire festival.

After freshening up a little, we start our day with the crazy soul that is Mac Demarco. Who with his band, bought a whole box of beer on stage, opening them on after the other, but to our surprise, does not seem to enjoy drinking them. Opening a can of beer in front of a large audience, using the microphone to burp loudly would be the perfect description of Mac Demarco’s personality. However, the music remains and does not disappoint. We spend a great time in his company. Without any roadies to help, he’s forced to change strings half-way through the set by himself while the rest of the band decided to cover Coldplay anthemic “Yellow” hit for the french fans in attendance. A rather fun sight that cements their already great resume and puts them at the top of our pile for funniest/coolest guys around. Add to that the two hot air balloons and the picture is perfect. It’s not everyday such sounds, sights and overall sensation we can indulge in. After Mac’s crowdsurfing stint, a cigarette, a beer and very small cap, we end up thinking this guy is crazy.

We come down cloud 9, just in time to check out on Baxter Dury boring set. A looser/crooner who has the gimmick it seems of being backed by the most beautiful female musicians. Something camera operators have ticked on, filming them in every possible angles.

We like shoegaze and ask for more, Route Du Rock 2014 is plenty of it and Toy delivers what we were looking for. A big pumping set, that would ready us for the long night ahead. Temples come on next with a polished set, too much maybe. A little clean to our ears for such a festival. We feel the maturity in the air as they play their tracks to the french crowd. A little more show, a little more dirty, a “risqué” set we would of appreciated. That’s what it’s all about : Rock’n’Roll.

Cheveu, a French band, plays for the last slot on the small stage. It’s apocalyptic, no subtleness, and some innapropriate declarations mid-set. The poor electro-set isn’t to our taste at all. My head hurts.

The night ends in the best possible way with Jamie XX tearing through his set and bringing the fort de St-Père alive again. I have the impression of being in a rave in the middle of London. It’s well produced and maybe a little too polished, the typical festival set in fact. Contrary to Todd Terje, Jamie XX won’t be capable of bringing such excitation amongst the festival goers. It’s a whirlwind that lasted for over an hour. The norwegian born cool dude behind the decks and the keyboard managed to have us in all states. He stayed there until the early hours, 4am or something like that, I can’t really remember, I was enjoying every little bit of it. And that is how the last artist left us… Bouncing around aimlessly. With smiles all over.

Until next year, Route du Rock, big hugs !

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Translated from French by Sodwee. Photo credits : Ziknation – Télérama – Agathe Mahuet


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