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Recently answering a few questions for a London based blog. I was asked what I was looking out for in new talent, music or artists. And my first thought went for “lyrics, lyrics and more lyrics. A groove and a good beat”. But was not sure how I could translate this. Today, lo and behold, I got the perfect illustration of what I was trying to convey in that interview.

“It was you who was telling me to choose
When you know, you’ll always come back
Oh I’m getting tired, bet you wish you never said that
Ooh your love unrequited.”

They come from costa del Brighton. In the UK that is. It’s a two-piece called Miamigo, and they produce some sombre dark-pop fit for any break-up ! With that electronic element you’ve grown fond of, if like myself, you were born in the eighties.

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It’s their debut single, ”Opinions” and it’s just HUGE. You will be playing this track on repeat until they post the next banger hit on their Soundcloud profile… They got that edge most of the band these days try to go for without succeeding. A spark, I like to find in band like this one. Too rare to skip. So hell with it, HIT PLAY.

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