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Cokiyu was born in Ehime, Japan. From her college days, she has been creating works using the Max/MSP composing contemporary music for voice and woodwind instruments, and percussion instruments. She has a fair amount of touring mileage on the counter. In fact she’s been at it since 2002. She is signed to Japanese Label FLAU and is just starting to make waves for herself in and around influential blogs. To our full enjoyment. She produces very delicate, ethereal sounds, very organic noises. And gently applies her light vocals on top of it all like you’d add runny honey sirup on top of a crispy biscuit. Just because you can. Reminiscent of Bjork’s more gentle tracks, it’s a sound we’ve been longing for a few days already. With Coyiku, it seems, we’ve filled that gap. Also, you won’t care about the Japanese lyrics it’s THAT GOOD… You will actually find yourself humming most of the lyrics pretty soon. Here’s her collaboration with Los Angeles based band Baths  :

And the some of her original productions :

Follow Cokiyu on : Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | FLAU records

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