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This Italian trio named Inude only just bleeped on my radar (today, actual, fact). Brought to my attention by no other than Nicola, an italian blogger-extraordinaire at the helm of equally tasteful and well stocked Son Of Marketing outlet. I hadn’t heard of Inude before and boy, was it precisely what I needed after a day of busy shenanigans. Paris is bursting at the seems with humans right about now. For no apparent reasons. Every square inch of the asphalt is populated with flesh. Your vital space gets crushed like moving walls in a grey prison cell, eating at every piece you thought you had left in a very unhealthy way. Slowly, everywhere you go, whether it be on the Metro, the buses, the sidewalks and ultimately the place you work at IRL. You start to get a sense of total unease creeping and all you want is a quiet place, with no interaction what-so-ever with the outside world (except when music is the talk, obviously).

Cue Nicola, and his timely suggestion for me to listen to this up-and-coming band from Italy, and pitched me their latest track “So Easy” as “amazing and could fit for your blog perfectly“. Composed of Flavio Paglialunga (on vocals, beats and synth), Giacomo Greco (on guitars, vocals and synth) as well as Francesco Bove (as dubmaster) the band produces downtempo, easy listening new soul with a zesty twist of electronic flair thrown in.

“So Easy” and the previous tracks they’ve released were the perfect listen after such a busy day. And suffice to say I was feeling much better after multiple listens of Inude‘s well-rounded discography.

Listen to “So Easy” by Inude:

Inude have been around for a few years already, roaming the South Italian scene since 2014. They have some mileage in their home country with different festival appearances and all that promotional jazz. However, the time as come for them to expand beyond the borders of Italy and venture into the European circuit and start building an international fan-base. That’s where you guys (yes, you, the readers) enter. Listen, share and talk about how you felt when you listened to their music. Start adding their tracks and previous EPs to your Spotify collections if you want a chance to see them perform live in your hometown.

Inude have ooooodles of potentially great musical moments in what they’ve shared with us so far. I have no doubt they’ll produce even more equally great moments in the future. They’re called Inude, come from Italy and were the sunshine I needed today after a long day at work and battling with a slight panic attack in the subway. Check out the PASSPORT section with further tracks we totally dug. Tell us what you thought in the comment section and keep coming back for more. We’re always ever so surprised to see the steadily growing audience we seem to gather. Thank you every ever so much. It means a hell a frickin’ lot to us.

So Easy” was co-produced and mixed by Peppe Petrelli at Posada Negro studios and mastered by Francesco Donadello. Out now via Loyal To Your Dreams


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