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You’ve cured that Halloween hangover and you want a driving track for getting ready for this long weekend? We’ve got the answer in the name of GL from Melbourne. A dynamic duo formed by Ella Thompson (who owns the POOL RECORDS label and creates tunes under her own name) as well as Graeme Pogson that have already released a bunch of disco infused goodness (see PASSPORT section further down this page) and have caught our ears for their juices groove and simple yet beautiful dollops of great sounds they keep pouring in our listening devices over the years.

Today GL are back together and bringing what we’ve been longing for a few months now. That spark and glittery feeling transpiring through their latest track “Contagious” just released today:

Make sure you keep the closest eye possible on this pair of talented individuals from Melbourne music scene. Enjoy and share this around with your most trusted friends. GL are best heard getting your game on for a night out.


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