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Ella Thompson and Graeme Pogson make up the delightful duo GL, hailing from sunny Melbourne in Australia, the pair have been around for quite some time now, locally giggin’ profusely and coming up with some rather discolicious, funkadelic lines and the whole peppered with a soul undercoat that would get you dancing on your two legs soon enough. As they put it so well themselves, and describe their sound as “cosmic dream-sequence not unlike the reel from the mid-80s,” our first reaction, half-way throught he first few chords was “jeeez that sounds like an enhanced, young and fresh Madonnesque track.” And that sentiment carried on, lingering in the back of our minds ever since. A few tracks into their already impressive discography, that impression still fits.

Their debut album Touch is out July 15th via Midnight Feature/Plastic World.

The pair signed a record deal with Sydney based label Plastic World. Also home to Retiree and Alba to name just a few. They’re about to release their debut album on the same label and we have a sneaking suspicion they’ll go on to sign/do great things in the very close future, as they turn heads further. If you’re close enough to catch their live set, please do yourself a favour and head out to one ASAP. Before they take mammoth proportions. Thanks to Jaypee for turning me on to this band.

This is for fans of Shura too !

[title maintitle=”Passport” subtitle=”Other noteworthy tracks from GL”]

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