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Buy/stream Blue Ceilings by The Franklin Electric
Buy/stream Blue Ceilings by The Franklin Electric

Some covers speak volumes about the books they bind. The second my eyes fell on the breathtaking artwork for The Franklin Electric‘s new record “Blue Ceilings”, two thoughts ran through my head. Firstly, that I need to hear the track sitting in front of me right away and, secondly, that there’s no way this music will be able to paint a picture as vivid as this photo. Fortunately, I was wrong as usual.

The track is ‘Save Yourself’, an arresting tune from the Indica Records signees that utilizes tension and release in some dazzling ways. Jon Matte, the Montreal-based band’s musical mastermind, has outdone himself with the songwriting here; and his band, consisting of Martin Desrosby, Kevin Warren and Ken Pressé, display a level of chemistry that is, well, electric. A rhythmically driven ballad that feels as crestfallen as it does triumphant, “Save Yourself” is blazing with the same fiery reds and icy blues as that unmissable artwork.

It’s not the books we read of a rising hope

It’s unforgiven love in the words you spoke

And that you never meant it, did the best you know

It’s not the father’s son that can save you from…

Much like their labelmates Half Moon Run and Phantogram, The Franklin Electric are well on their way to marking their own unique territory within the vast landscape of Alternative music. Take a hit of the gateway drug that is ‘Save Yourself’, dive down the rabbit hole with “Blue Ceilings”, and catch the band on tour in Canada and the U.K. this year.

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