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For a comeback, that’s what I call a comeback! Ella Thompson, also known to our avid and loyal readers as one half of Melbourne’s (AUS) duo GL will remember how good their music was / still is. From “Hallucinate” to “Number One”. The pair made quite the splash worldwide with their infectious take on beats and hooks.

Ella Thompson, is now back after a couple years off and concentrating on her solo career for a bit. She released the wondrous track “Snow” alongside a hypnotic video on August 31st. All major publications have had echoes of the return of the talented artist from Melbourne. What she delivered went far beyond any expectations. Just watch the video and listen in carefully with headphones or proper equipment to get my drift.

Of the track, Ella says:

“Snow is about the feeling of temporality. I wrote it as a part of a broader work performed at the Melbourne Recital Centre last year (called Like Running Water), where through the theme of water, I am looking at fluidity, and shifting ideas of strength and power. I’m interested in the idea of metamorphosis… what changes. The women and the rocks in the visual of Snow, co-existing with soft and hard surfaces. Collaborating with Prue Stent and Honey Long on this video was pure joy, their use of body art to reconfigure the gaze is a thrill. The song started with a loop of (collaborator) Jonti’s voice, which was then developed with strings, piano and many other bits and pieces.”

A vibrant track that takes some time to lay the right foundations. To finally come together in its ascending climax. Spearheaded by a pyramid striking through the clouds in a gigantic way with Thompson‘s soaring vocals… (was about to use ‘pharaonic’, but felt it was a pun too many for one sentence).

All the props are in place to make you journey through the sky and clouds above. “Snow” is another amazing track with great stature. Much like Ella Thompson previous work in GL for instanceElla Thompson releases her new EP, ‘Hysteria’, in October this year via her own record label and arts publication Pool. Enjoy the video directed by famous artists Prue Stent and Honey Long.


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