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Glabs is the stage name of a Parisian self-taught, self-produced and self-marketed multi-instrumentalist who just released the beauty of an EP called “Here I go” on May 26th. His 5 tracks are of a rare beauty and mastered skills, in and around the indie-pop realm. Often tickling with darkness and the bright soaring phases amongst the cinematic songwriting, Julien aka Glabs, clearly offers a stunning debut EP sung in English.

Glabs got in touch with me via Facebook chat, which I wouldn’t recommend of course in any general circumstances unless you have a real great project to back your request. And I was glad Julien did. Doing everything by yourself is a taunting job, even more so when you have to submit your own work to blogs and other outlets for review. This meant Glabs had to self-teach and go rogue on the marketing front, without any help what so ever to make sure his EP got listened to. We’ll give him brownie point for that approach. So if you do enjoy the EP, please follow his online accounts and share it with friends, it would absolutely mean the world to him.

Our personal favourite track on this stellar EP would be the lush “Someday” track closing the body of work. Like a camera traveling across corn fields towards a final reveal. The precise way I felt about this track in particular. But valid also for the rest of the EP. Glabs doesn’t think twice and takes you onto a stellar journey, across magnificent melodies, arrangements to die for and the final productions values of the best in the industry !

He came up and delivered with this definite highlight by randomly adding me on Facebook and having me listen to his work. Thank you.

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