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White Kite are the very fresh, very new four-piece to keep an eye out for on the East London music scene. With Louis on vocals, twins Tom and Will on guitar and bass, and finally Andrew on the drums. They just dropped their first cut and we fell in dire love for their sound.

Bringing a brilliant mix of cleverly layered synths and drum machines with beautiful lyrics and the best vocal delivery we’ve encountered so far this week, White Kite are the new mysterious band on the block. Brooding, aerial and eerie soundscapes emphasize this very strange feeling you’re left after the first listen : the feeling that pushes you to repeat the spin, to discover a part you hadn’t heard on the previous listen.

Although the boys only formed back in May 2016, they’ve already secured a live date in Cardiff on the 27th of August supporting Villagers, so if you’re in the vicinity then, don’t hesitate. Obviously.

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