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Opening with an incredible pulsating bass line, the kind that just moves your inner organs if you’ve left the sub-woofer too high on that dynamic bass boost setting, FERDIN&ND collects many, many brownie points as he enters the track “Don’t Wanna” with those powerful vocals and statement. A track produced by the talented Dillistone whom you might remember as the guy behind the international hit “Sad & High” that spun on every radio playlist across the world back then.

FERDIN&ND is based out of the UK and have already released ‘Your Love’ from the forthcoming EP. There isn’t much more we got on the actual guy behind the project. Instead he wants the audio-visual experience to take the lead here :

We hope to show meaning as we progress through audio-visual experiences, rather than telling you how to feel. We want to let people’s imaginations do exactly what they were built for: exploration. There is a lot more to come.

FERDIN&ND releases the track via Best Laid Plans, whose reputable stable includes Rationale and Rag N Bone Man.

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