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[infobox maintitle=”Editor’s Note” subtitle=”We like diversity in opinions, diversity in angles and a shake up now and then doesn’t hurt. On the contrary, it is usually a welcome break in the day-to-day routine. This also applies to music bloggers. Sometimes a little break from a carefully choreographed thought process can be extremely beneficial for a guy like me. That is the reason I enrolled my very own Mother into camp Sodwee, to have her take, her impressions on a little piece of true British culture. More specifically music. So here goes, Mother gets her first hand at reviewing FEET, a student indie-punk-rock band with a serious appetite for growing farther and wider than their hometown of Coventry (Birth place of auto-maker Jaguar Cars in the UK). Best, Ben.” bg=”gray” color=”black” opacity=”off” space=”40″ link=”no link”]


My name is Vivienne, call me Viv. I lived the punk era po-going my way in attic house parties or cabins by the beach, not easy when you’re as far west from the scene you can get without falling into the Irish sea. I was au-pairing in France but used to spend all my free time co-hosting a radio show back in 1981 in a small town called Thionville (on the border with Luxembourg and Germany in Eastern France, see map) the year Mitterrand came to power and the air-waves were finally freed up. Cassette tapes (K7) were still a thing back then, we’d get them sent over for our show or play what we’d taped of the new sounds coming out in the UK, like the Buzzcocks, the Undertones, Portishead, the Specials, Bad Manners, Simple Minds, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, Adam and the Ants, and anything like local up and coming bands from Newcastle, Sheffield, who weren’t signed up to big labels or any for that matter…

Our tastes covered a large spectrum from New Romantics, punk, reggae, ska, glitter rock, indie rock… Mostly messy music genres that were prevalent at the time. Remember, we’re knee deep in the 80’s and the rawer, the better, the noisier, the better. At least, that’s what my crowd/gang was into. Today, Ben (aka Sodwee) asked me to have a few lines on this new Indie-punk-rock pop band out of Coventry in the United Kingdom. They’re still at University apparently, and very much remind my Uni years too:

Buy “Petty Thieving” by FEET

FEET are a talented 5-piece band hailing from Coventry and have released their single “Petty Thieving” online. The track gets off to a gnashing good start when the intro kicks in. A punchy raw sound with the drums and hard-hitting bass, strong lead vocals and clever lyrics, I really feel like having this on full blast and skitting in the pit…. With my studded dog collar, ripped tights, kilt and safety pins on….Bring it on….Sounds and feels like they’re totally enjoying themselves – it’s infectious, slides into more melodic stuff then back come the drums, with brutal force… and the strong energised finish leaves us hanging wanting more… Yup, I can party to this! Takes me back to the almighty and revered “an’ I wannnnna beeeee Anarcheeeeeee” years. Ben says there’s a quote to be inserted ? Here’s the quote from the band on the track “Petty Thieving”:

It’s about not being able to meet society’s social standards required for a middle class youth. It’s also about stealing cheese from your local Supermarket.

Absolutely what I’d preach if I was a tad younger. I’m also asked to leave some space to tell you about a few gigs around continental Europe you should definitely make your utmost to get yourself into:

  • Saturday 08/07 @ Rocas, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • Monday @ The Waterhole, Amsterdam, Holland
  • Tuesday 11/07 @ Kulturfabrik, Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
  • Wednesday 12/07 @ Le Circus, Lille
  • Friday 14/07 @ Café Kafka, Brussels
  • Saturday 15/07 @ Music Club B52, Ostend

And also some space for a Soundcloud embed player or whatever the heck that is. Does sound like a really nasty contraption… (sic), I’m finally told you should hit play because this is where I’ll sign off. Do wrap your hands around this single “Petty Thieving” by Coventry-based band FEET! They are most likely to hit the road in a big way over the next few months and also follow their socials (all listed further down)…

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Follow FEET on : Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram | Twitter

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