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From Southern Netherlands. Comes a shiny new star in the making. Called Nona and in her twenties, the Dutch singer-songwriter just dropped a debut track titled “It’s Alright” (uncovered by The Dutch Guy over at humanhuman.com. OBVS). A track that will surprise you with how ambitious and prepared the singer actually is.

“Sealed my lips / Merciless / With no shame I blame / Bring freeze in June, rain in May / Oh, now I see / Can’t shake these memories”

With influences from the classic soul divas of yesteryear ranging from Ella Fitzgerald, right up to Amy Winehouse. Nona has brought her own modern hip-hop vibe to the whole mix. Adding a pinch of the blues, some raw and powerful broken soul vocals and the classic urban beats in the background for good measure.

“It’s Alright” is the perfect jam to set the tone, pitch what your music will be about in the future. And by judging the amount of attention she’s getting from her native country. There’s no doubt, the young songstress will blossom internationally. Watch the music video shot in New York City (USA) for “It’s Alright”. Appreciate the photography and soundtrack. You’ll definitely fall for what she has to offer: 

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