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When my unexpecting-self finally came to terms with my iMac + WordPress + CSS + iTunes addiction and finally dragged my entire body out of hibernating. I can be easily impressed. Just invite yours truly to a quality concert not too far from my humble abode and there’s a good chance I’ll rock up to see the act you were raving so much about.

For fans of Death Grips, early N.E.R.D. beats and a some poppy punk from the likes of Lio’s ‘Banana Split’…

That’s exactly what happened with WWWater, strongly suggested by no other than Jarri from Disco Naïveté. Full disclosure, he’s also the manager behind Charlotte Adigery‘s act. So he was himself quite biased in pushing her live show over to me. But I’ve got a sensible heart and can’t refuse an offer like that. So here I am at Badaboum in central Paris Awaiting the great live show WWWater was about to unleash upon the audience.


A no-holding-back kind of live performance that only few can creatively put together and deliver as brilliantly as WWWater. Paired with one kick-ass skilled drummer from her studio sessions. Both artists serve an astoundingly precise, sharp and deadly musical punk R&B performance. It’s also quite fitting to know that one of the night’s highlight was probably the track “Screen”. A track that can make or break a career in this industry in my opinion. This time it will no doubt be the former of the two options: make and cement WWWater‘s success going forward on an international stage.

“Fill the void inside of me / encourage my vanity”

Clocking in at four minutes and eight seconds of a rollercoaster-like number that will please all sorts of venues, arenas, and dance-floors around Europe this fall. The track “Screen” is one of those all important moments in an artist career. Make sure to hop on the bandwagon and enjoy the ride till it flies out of your control. Because that’s what is bound to happen live. There’s dates to come in Paris I hear from the horse’s mouth. So stay tuned.

[title maintitle=”LIVE DATES” subtitle=”Live dates around Europe”]
  • 19.09 – Berlin, Germany
  • 20.09 – Reeperbahn festival, Hamburg, Germany
  • 22.09 – Scopitone, Nantes, France
  • 28.09 – Waves, Vienna, Austria
  • 18.10 – Amsterdam Dance Event, NL
  • 09.11 – Iceland Airwaves, Iceland
  • 23.11 – Explore The North, Leeuwarden, NL


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