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Such a soft, in-control voice, doesn’t go unnoticed these days. Even with the number of submissions we listen to every single day. Mexican-American background slash Los Angeles-born but now Norway resident artist Flores got us within a few seconds of her new single “Wings” playing through our headphones.

“Throw my body down the river/ I send a prayer for you / Oh Lord, I’ve been searching for the answer / Need forgiveness, I think I might need a pastor”

“Wings” was beautifully put together, and produced by Maths Time Joy who injected the right amount of gel to the overall result. The kind of glue that keeps the song together in allure, credibility with some hints of gospel and a striking falsetto. Delivered together in a powerful package that will most likely check all your boxes. As it did for us.

Flores is about to release her debut EP (before year-end). She has already released three impressive tracks to date including “Undercover”, “Afterglow” and “Oceans”, with “Wings” being the latest offering. We believe she has all the right ingredients and that magic spark to follow through with a successful career. Listen instead…


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