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As a guy from Casablanca (Morocco) in his own right, Malca embraces in his music all the differences the city he grew up in. From the airiness and the sheer heat of its sunshine filled days, to the danger and tension of its vaporous nights, the modern exoticism and the statement of the architecture that flirts happily with the ocean. All of these contrasts end up in his music, for all the right reasons.

Malca‘s music and with the first track he shares today with us : “She Gets Too High” delivers on the promise with a seriously catchy and elegant pop with hints of soul. Where influences mix and melt into each other. At times recalling the likes of Al Green, Frank Ocean and Madonna. He’d happily describe his music as Soul-Funk from the 80’s, with Rick James and Janet Jackson as his inspiration …

To unleash his first tune upon us, Malca wanted to use video-clips from the popular music genre in Morocco : Chaabi. For it’s comedy golden nuggets, obviously, but not only.

It’s also because those videos, depict both men and women dancing freely to the music. Being totally oblivious to the actual leaden weight that weighs and hovers above their heads in their communities.

In Chaabi music, which is a music from the cabaret, lyrics are suggestive, talk about adultery, alcohol, pleasures, and love. In other words, topics rarely, if ever, discussed in the Moroccan society. The video is a festive tribute in some ways to those people. The very people that defy authority in order to deliver happiness.

Malca will perform live at the 114 this Saturday 14th of March and also March 24th at l’International in Paris. Be sure to catch his live set and follow his musings on his online profiles…

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