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Come dance in an electronic field with butterflies made of sound waves with FEELS. Their new EP “Butterflies” reminds us of the late 90s when midi-tracks were the jam. With songs like “I Wished for Butterflies” and “If You’d Meet Me Tonight” pulsing in your ears, there’s no doubt this Helsinki-based electro-pop group will bring an extra bounce to your day.

FEELS‘ name is almost self-explanatory. Listening to “Butterflies” feels a bit like entering a chatroom with glittering backgrounds and 8-bit gifs. You can’t help but feel fantastic listening to Sofi Meronen‘s angelic voice. Keyboardist Mikael Myrskog and producer Jooel Jons brings on the futuristic element that’ll make you dance amongst Internet friends or explore your city on a cold night. Thank FEELS for the soundtrack to all that.



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