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We had covered Hira King in an introducing post earlier this year, and he has now come forth with a second track called “Hummingbird”. It’s off his upcoming debut EP out later this year.

Hira King dwells in North London and has been working on multiple projects including London’s finest artists. He is releasing music via ‘Chosen People‘ of the ROMANS label, I know, we’ve lost you now !

All this blabber, to say that it can’t be that bad to work alongside acts like Kwabs and Mary J Blige. He is known under the moniker Hira King and its all we need right now along with these beautifully penned lyrics :

You’re probably in the jungle ’bout now
The wild was everything you’d think about
Never thought you would up and leave me this way

Remember when I caught you flying
I wanna live those times again
When the jungle flowers only lived in your dreams

Now you’re bathing in the earth
You always were a dirty bird
I bet you’re moving to the South and play in the trees

Don’t forget the things we did
Don’t forget the mess we made
Only hope that you remember my face

Hummingbird, fly on baby (fly on baby)
Won’t say a word (ohohohhh) ’bout you
Hummingbird, that’s my baby (that’s my baby)
Nobody do the thing (ohohohhh) like you

The track “Hummingbird” is an easy jam with great backup chorus that sounds super familiar but are actually of London songstress Nií (pronounced Nee-yee). And she brings a whole new dimension to the track even though her involvement was short, it was super sweet. Not to mention the modern R&B flavor the track transpires when Hira King sings those quality lines. We’re hooked and can’t get enoujugh of the spring-feel-good impression this tune leaves behind.

Listen to the previous track Hira King released earlier this year : “Run” (below)

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