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To Be Frank‘s debut album “U” has been quite some time in the making. It’s finally seeing the day of light on March 30th and will no doubt, be a tremendous success. The Suffolk based artist/producer is wrapping 18 intense months which has seen him self-release 3 EPs and a few singles.

The album “U”, which we’ve had the privilege to hear in its entirety includes a lot of the tracks you can already stream below from his Soundcloud profile. But contains a slew of new material including current single ‘Let It Go’ as well as some real dollops of awesomeness that will make sweet, dear love with your earholes soon enough on every radio station WORLDWIDE ! All recorded in the Suffolk woods, the tracks bring to mind a poppier version of James Blake, akin to the sound he produced on the track “Limit To Your Love”. To Be Frank bring his touch in fact with crazy good electronic elements thrown in for good measure and a mighty vocal presence to make things very appealing to any kind of taste out there. Hence the radio hits in the making… It is packed with hits.

To Be Frank – ‘U’ will be released next week, March 30th. Listen to a few tracks below :

Not a surprise then, to see him included in compilations around the world, notably Kitsuné “New Faces 2”, Gilles Petersons’ ‘Brownswood Bubblers’ and full support from no other than the BBC Introducing camp.

Fair to say this guy will be all over in #2015…

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