Mavi Phoenix on the rise

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Mavi Phoenix invites us into her casa, somewhere between Madrid & Monrovia, where the boombox is pumping different world beats in every room, with the ace “Aventura”. She also insults ‘your city’ quite vehemently, but tries to take the edge off adding a little ‘lo siento’ afterwards.

Producer, ‘Alex The Flipper’, can be found somewhere in Mavi’s house, armed with a couple of guitars and a sampler, while bleached blonde Mavi spits her brash, bilingual banter in a makeshift vocal booth.

Go hang with Mavi and her guys and let her hype haul you too in.


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Last modified: April 24, 2017

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  1. Yes! Female bilingual rappers are my FAVORITE. And I am so excited to find this girl. Omg “shove it up your anus” on Aventura that’s an attention grabber right there. This reminds me of a little MIA and a little Ana Tijoux. Thanks for sharing, Conor!

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