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40 is a big ass number. Forty mixtapes later, we’re still around stronger than ever. Here’s another for the road. Celebrate with us, play, replay, playback. Listen, favorite, and share the mix of awesome dollops around with your friends. Discover and rediscover tracks you probably missed. We included a couple classics, a couple oldies and some totally new tunes for you today. Enjoy the session. Your impressions and comments are more than welcome. Have a great day.

Best, Ben.

30 minutes (or more). One or two nuggets. The best new tracks. In a mixtape. By yours truly.  LIKE, FAVORITE AND REPOST, that would be awesome:

Tracklist :

  • Intro – 0:00
  • HER – Five Minutes 0:45
  • Gavin Turek – The Distance 4:27
  • Esther Philips – Home Is Where The Hatred Is 8:28
  • Steve Monite – Only You 11:42
  • Myth Syzer – Le Code Ft. Bonnie Banane, Ichon & Muddy Monk 17:52
  • Cloud Monet – Skinny Dip 22:23
  • Rationale – Loving Life 28:48
  • Adrien Soleiman – Brille 32:04
  • Von Sell – I Insist 35:36
  • nyt heat – Blood and Friends 39:39
  • Sauvage – Pueblo 43:09


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