Dark Light
Directed by PAG
with Aurelie / Edouard / PAG
shot in Hollywood-sur-Seine

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This is just brilliant. So stop what you’re listening to, and pay close attention to what is about to be unleashed, both visually and sonically.

SAUVAGE-logoSAUVAGE are a French duo. Edouard on guitars, Pierre-Alain on vocals, and yes, that’s another Paris-based band I’m going to be blabbering about this week. It seems they all start to wake up after the summer. When everyone is back home with new ideas and all. But these two, we have known them for quite a bit now, bumped into them at a few shows and even helped out with some english proof-reading on the upcoming “Jadis” EP they are about to release. Also we had previously introduced them to you, here’s an excerpt :

Two friends decide on impersonating young sorcerers. Fuelled by joyous flames inside their heads and looking to sharing their strenght. Starts a journey into the never-ending world of percussions, guitars, synth and little chirpy birds.

So it is very naturally we accepted to PREMIERE the video for the first single “Vendredi” off the forthcoming EP. These two guys are the nicest dudes, always ever so shy in a social environment but once they step behind them guitars, synth. It is really two different people.

The delivered sounds are a clever, very witty mix in fact. Driven by drums, superb synth parts and great vocal arrangements that recall the beautiful work of Youth Lagoon (especially in a live setting). They have been around on the Paris scene all summer too, doing live sets and getting to grips with their audience. The pair have also contributed to a few high-flying compilations already including Kitsuné Parisien, Seriously, Eric ?, Novorama 2013 and played in rather big festivals in the region : Les inouïs du Printemps de Bourges 2013 and Showcase Rock en Seine 2013.

Enough chatter, you must listen to “Vendredi” the first track off the “Jadis” EP and start dancing away… We’ve have also included the previous tracks below so you get a better idea.

I can already tell you the “JADIS” EP is to die for. It will be released on October 27th. Finally, they will play live at these two future dates :

  • 17th October @ MaMA Event 2014 – Pigalle Country Club in Paris, France
  • 18th October @ Flèche d’Or in Paris, France

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