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Back from “The Grand Voyage” trip in the French country side… Over the weekend. I’m back now, it’s a little late, but thankfully I had everything in place to post this as soon as I was back. So here it is, Sundaze #108 with, once again some kickass tunes you really need to play and share.

Either download the .ZIP file, listen/stream each track individually below, or even download ONE track or many by “right-clicking” then “saving target as” as you hover over the track list below… A normal click on a given track will play /stream it.

As always, thank you all for your kind messages for my Birthday ! And love to Paul Grelet for sending in the Sundaze #108 cover art too. Visit his website : www.paulgrelet.com

And do not forget to vote for us daily at the Golden Blog Awards Paris in the music category ! We need your vote everyday until the 21st of October 2014 in order to get shortlisted. You’d be a peach of a reader, and a great thank you would be sent :

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Don’t forget to share SUNDAZE #108 with your friends 😉

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Sundaze #108

[button content=”DOWNLOAD SUNDAZE #108″ color=”yellow” text=”black” url=”http://www51.zippyshare.com/v/49319292/file.html” openin=”_blank”]

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