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Well well well, my inbox surprises me once again with some pretty rad-tastic music. And once again, I believe this is a French band (from Paris by all accounts, I might be wrong). However after deep crawling the interwebs and correlating necessary evidence for the needs of this article, I have a pretty good suspicion that Allegories are in fact a duo, are French Canadians from Hamilton, band members include Adam Bentley and Jordan Mitchell as pointed out by Indie Music Filter’s very own Chris Budd. Finally, what I’m 100% sure of is that they have dropped a fantastic debut track on their Soundcloud profile 20 days ago.

At first glance of their email, I thought I was opening another spam email. But was quickly convinced I was not being considered as an easy target for an easy scam, here’s what it looked like and what I believe is the hidden (ish) details of the upcoming EP. We know practically nothing from the duo :

But as soon as I clicked to open their press shot, and hit play on their only track to date, I was sold. With Animal masks “à la SBTRKT“, the fact that they think they don’t exist and the totally 80’s approach transpiring from their sound. That totally bliss synth pop extravaganza, recalls Mirror Kisses and Teen Commandments who we have covered in the past. Add to that an edgy Bono-esque vocal (from the best period that is) you get Allegories. Watch the mysterious video below and listen to the track “Funny Way Of Loving You” above…

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Video directed by Lee Skinner & Andrew O'Connor
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