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Hey Hey Sodweerati ! Meet Cléa Vincent, another tip for another budding new up-and-comer on the French scene. Cléa Vincent manages to dust off much of the typical french awkwardness pertaining to her nationality and brings some real effortless, easy-listening electro-pop to the table. We’ve had her vinyl single for over a week now and been toying with the fact to write something about her music or not. Well turns out her music has actually grown on us a lot more than predicted. Recently signed to Parisian label Midnight Special Records we felt we had to do something for this rather new and talented artist.

Cléa Vincent - "Non Mais Oui 2" EP - sodwee.comCléa Vincent is a young Paris-born multi-instrumentalist with that unmistakable “go-getter” attitude. She’s got the electronic approach to her music like anyone who grew up towards the end of the 90’s and well into the millenium. Without forgetting where she comes from, pulling influences from the French 60’s cultural movements and the classic tracks of that time, it is clear to us that she has found some sort of niche within the French/Parisian scene.

It’s lighthearted, fresh and desperately pop in every possible way. At times bubbling with inspired Françoise Hardy or even France Gall phases in the vocal flow. In short : Quintessentially french but so widely open at the same time that it would be a crime not to play our favorite track as of today : “Retiens Mon Désir”. She also covers swedish pop group Ace Of Base and their biggest hit single “All That She Wants”. That was back in March when she released her first EP “Non Mais Oui”.

She’s about to release her follow-up EP “Non Mais Oui 2” on October 20th 2014. She dropped “Chateau Perdu” with a brilliant video to illustrate. You can see her perform some fancy footwork as a shy dancefloor queen :

Live band members are Cléa Vincent, Raphaël Thyss, Raphaël Léger, Baptiste Dosdat. The Release Party for the second EP “Non Mais Oui 2” will be held on October 29th at Point Ephémère, in the 19th district which is basically on my door step, be there or be square !

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Follow CLÉA VINCENT on : Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Midnight Special Records


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