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If you’re one of our loyal long-time readers, you’re going to remember this rounded, mature voice by Estère Dalton. From New-Zealand, this then teenager pulled together an amazing body of work. Both creative and very effective. We were struck. A few months after the first self-titled “Estère”, she managed to squeeze a European tour alongside a relaxing family holiday around the ol’ continent.

Quite the feat if you ask me. Juggling between press commitments she booked on her own, the logistics of booking shows and delivering a very compelling show for the intimate crowds back then. All that included load-in, rehearsing, show, merch booth, load-out and the likes. All at once, at this very young age was quite the accomplishment in itself. Also, might I add, in places that are all the way around the world from where you live. Wrap your brain around this fact for a second…

Listen to “Mad About Your Sea” by Estère

So you’ll remember the track we all got to know her was titled “I Spy”. A blend of folk, electronic and R&B that she likes to call ‘electric blue witch-pop’ merging culture, language and some fantasy legends together. She began producing alongside her MPC nicknamed Lola and went on to release her first album in 2015 with Paris-based record label PROSPECT to critical acclaim by both her peers and the blogging world including us!

Today, Estère is back with a brilliant new track titled “Mad About Your Sea” and video treatment directed by Paascalino Schaller. A track about the dread of dearly loving someone subject to an addiction. Beautifully rendered with precise, controlled yet powerful vocals and a soaring instrumental narrative that we strongly recommend you hear on loud on bespoke high-fidelity speakers if you can.

Estère – “Mad About Your Sea” lyrics:

I knew I had to be so careful 
The first time I met him 
He spoke of the Mediterranean 
It was like he had it inside 

There’s something mad about your sea 
So gravitational 
It pulls me 
Till I’m under 

Caress him, his body of water 
My fingers reach over the waves 
He said I taste of the Atlantic 
And someplace else, that he couldn’t name 

I wanted to try and make it feel better 
To hang it all on a line 
I wanted to try and make it feel better 
But you don’t want to get dry 

He spills into all of my memories 
Of St Malo and the call of Berlin 
I wept in the Mediterranean 
And it was like I had him inside 

There’s something mad about your sea 
So gravitational 
It pulls me 
Till I’m under


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