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With a bunch of critical acclaims under his belt, a couple #1’s on The Hype Machine, winning The International Songwriting Competition for Best Unsigned and a few other achievements to his name, Kai Straw poured determination into a flurry of tracks (releasing one a month since he started his new project May). Each release coming through with a little more creative juice than the previous. Honing on his craft every step of the way.

Kai Straw‘s latest single “My Name Is Your Language” brings all his previous skills and experiences together into another great composition. Soul, a smudge of funk and instrumentation to a perfect blend. This is a blooming artist that only needs to move past a certain redundancy in the visual artwork and provide something different to please our gargantuan appetite for music, and he’ll most likely breakthrough further. But that’s only my opinion: Neon-colored skulls tend to date easily. However, once the play button activated, you’ll be somewhere else entirely.

Listen to Kai Straw‘s latest jam: “My Name Is Your Language

My Name Is Your Language” is Kai Straw‘s latest jam since starting the project in May 2020.


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