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Such a constant stream of great new tracks from artists today. Latest in the pipeline and last for today is from Northern Irish artist Lilla Vargen, whom we unearthed and introduced back when she dropped “This Is Love” to the world.

Today the talented singer-songwriter returns with “Hold On” now out to the public. She announces her “Hold On” EP is due for release on October 27th 2017 via Feel Good Lost. We can’t wait as we have a special connection with her music. Her first email back in 2015 read as follow :

It’s very much my first tentative step into the world. Stripping everything back to just a piano and myself, for the moment. A friend helped me out with the recording. This is the first time I’ve shared my music with anyone.

It’s a daunting and exhilarating experience.
I’m still finding my feet

And to this day those words reflect Lilla’s state of mind. She says of the track “Hold On”:

The song was written for a close friend who had fallen in love and had such high hopes for that relationship but only ever ended up being let down.

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