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TOBi AJi‘s iNDECiSiONS‬ will have you singing in your shower this whole week! is what we wrote when we first covered TOBi’s “indecisions” track in one of our Cloud Droppings series last year. Today we happy to share his first single off the upcoming project named “All Day” produced with Jessie Reyez’s material, the only Tim Suby.

TOBi‘s first single off his new project “All Day”. The project (and single) are executive produced by Tim Suby who did all of Jessie Reyez’s music. Suffice to say he’s in pretty expert hands. The Toronto-based contemporary R&B artist has been quickly showing some real teeth on the local scene and droppings some seriously interesting music of late. “All Day” is another testament to the lad making his way high up there.

Speaking with Complex, TOBi shared:

My partner’s mind is preoccupied with the past and future while in the present moment, I share a similar problem and that’s why I can empathize so well. My goal is to come back to right now and lose ourselves in each other’s mind and body with no regard for anything happening on the outside world. The fire is the passion and the heat of the moment. Why let the present energy fade away by wasting this time worrying?

Enjoy the track “All Day” below and don’t forget to keep a close eye on TOBi in the future:

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