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Care for some italian downtempo-pop from Bologna (sung in English) ? Dive-indulge-bask in this next track pronto ! Giungla, aka Emanuela Drei just released her newest solo endeavour with the single “Sand”, as part of her upcoming debut EP Camo, out on May 20th via our good friends M&M’s (Mattia & Marco) new imprint Factory Flaws.

Giungla means ‘jungle’ in Italian. As a metaphor to a world in stuck in confusing situations, entangled in chaotic surroundings yet holding on to that survival instinct. This feeling transpires aggressively on B-side “Cold”, a high-octane number by the rising singer-songwriter :

However, you could totally picture yourself lost in the thick freakness of a jungle and not finding your way out, only to find the light at the end of the said jungle. Another feeling well transcribed in the beautiful track “Sand”. An ode to summery vibes, sunshine and lust as the hesitant guitar-work comes to emphasize that precise ‘feel good’ impression in the best way. And Emanuela Drei isn’t new to guitar or strings. Indeed, she was part of the band His Clancyness, played bass for them as well as leading a pop-punk band called Heike Has The Giggles… She has is still touring extensively around Italy and is a rising figure on the local scene. With this release we have the living proof she’s bound to make huge things happen beyond her homeland’s borders. And we can only wish her the best. Giungla is not your average artist. She’s above that entirely and a very nice person IRL.

[imagebox maintitle=”Camo EP” subtitle=”Pre-order via Factory Flaws” image=”https://sodwee.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/GIUNGLA2.jpg” color=”white” space=”160″ link=”http://www.factoryflaws.net/shop/vinyl/giungla-camo-ep/”]

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