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If you’re like me, you’re the proud progeniture of an absolutely punk, totally rock’n’roll and over-the-top attitude parentals. Then a good old throwback to the golden era of the 90s rock band with a no-nonsense go-about life swagger will not intimidate you -quite the opposite in fact- you’re longing for it. Well you’re in for a treat with Aussie five-piece band The Cherry Dolls newest single “Wasted” off their latest EP ‘Lone Palm’ to be released in May 2016 via First Love Record Label.

This track will grow on you : have a spin.

Fans of Blur, The Strokes or even in a more general bracket, the 60’s inspired bands rejoice, you’ll find a warm home in the great music offered by this Melbourne based ferocious and high-octane newcomers in the name of The Cherry Dolls. Band members include vocalist Josh Aubry, dual guitarists Jacob Kagan & Jim Stirton, bassist Brendan West and drummer Thomas Van der Vliet. Shooting some real fire-power with weapons of mass destructions such as “The Last Time” or even “Who The Hell” from their previous ‘Pearls” EP (a must listen below…) should give you some real insight in what is to come from the band :

The Cherry Dolls have teamed up with producer Alex Markwell (The Delta Riggs) for the forthcoming EP, and recorded at Sound Park Studios in Melbourne. I also hear their live show are a must-see. Hoping to check them out soon, and if you guys cross path with them, make sure you go see them. They’re a force of nature apparently… Can’t wait to see them rock it out in Paris, France personally.

The first single “Wasted” from The Cherry Dolls forthcoming EP, ‘Lone Palm’ Out May, 2016.

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