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Now then. Brace people. Seriously brace hard. A tsunami of gigantic proportion is about to unfurl in your earholes. Cruel Youth has just dropped their debut track “Mr. Watson” a few days ago and jeez it’s a true gut churn !

You might be some what familiar with Teddy Sinclair, she usually roams in the shadows of bigger international pop-stars such as Madonna, or more recently Rihanna and helps them write kick arse chart topping tracks… “Holy Water” (on album Rebel Heart for Madge) and “Kiss It Better” (on album Anti for Riri). But with husband Willy Moon, they write songs for themselves. Today however, they shared the first cut to the world. And it’s bloody good. As soon as Verse 2 hits, you know, everybody understands she’s in to get those ageing pop-stars a run for their money.

With plenty of Amy Winehouse to boot, some Duffy in check and a sprinkle of Janis Joplin to square things off into the ultimate obscure modern-pop-sixties oldies blend, Cruel Youth has/will struck GOLD with this number. They know they’ll make it there’s no denying. Just listen to the track and get those lyrics in check :

[Verse 1] I don’t need money
I don’t need sleep
I just wish my man’d go home
Cause everything’s funny
When it’s just you and me
Tired of people asking what I do when I’m alone

[Pre-Chorus] They spend the summer getting clean
But September comes and they fall like leaves
Oh what would I do without you?
What would I do without you?

[Chorus] Oh Mr Watson I’ve been cheatin’ with you
You’re the only one to fix the stupid shit I’ve been through
Mr Watson I’ve been cheatin’ with you
You’re the only one who knows my favorite color, and it’s powder blue

[Verse 2] Fuck all your friends
Tell me “Go get a job”
Bloody noses, talking so fast like an 8-ball ain’t so wrong
All these problems ain’t real, ’til I’m screwed up or I’m bored
Check the powder, kitchen counter
Can’t tell me this ain’t real fun

[Pre-Chorus – Variation] They call their parents, move back home
Go to church and pray for the sad sad girl
Oh what would I do without you?
What would I do without you?

[Chorus] [Bridge] What’s the point in being young
So meaningless without you I’m no good
With my big dead eyes
Lost in your buzz
I realise that you’re the only one



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