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Here’s a prolific singer-songwriter and collaborator extraordinaire. Ayelle is Swedish-Iranian workaholic (in the best way possible). She travelled for most of the previous year hopping between music hotspots around the globe (London, Paris, New York and Rotterdam amongst others) getting in studio time to collaborate with a number of up-and-coming producers as well as established figures the industry has to offer these days.

For her latest project “Too Busy” – and never shy of finding the perfect match for her sultry vocals – Ayelle brings one of her favourites producers onboard. The talented Mucky from Rotterdam who also happened to work on projects with Wiley and Sevdaliza to name a few. As well as J83 to round things off nicely.

“Too Busy” takes a more up-beat direction compared to past output by the R&B singer, with Ayelle‘s signature sultry vocals calling out someone who signed up for more than he could handle.

See now that wasn't so hard was it
But it's 'bout to get harder
whenever the ball's in your court you always kick it right back
Now that I got it, here's your wake up call

Speaking about the song, Ayelle explains:

This is the second song I’ve written with Mucky, we also wrote ‘Boy’ in the same session and both songs just came about so naturally. ‘Too Busy‘ is about the power dynamics in casual relationships. Like if someone says they want to take things slow because they have other priorities or what not, but then the tables turn and they can’t handle it.”

We’ve been following the talented individual for quite some time and seen her career picking up steam and following along the way. So we can only be happy for her to be keeping at it and providing our earholes some much needed tender loving care like she only knows how to. Listen to Ayelle‘s “Too Busy” and dive in her extensive back catalogue on Soundcloud for more dollops of awesomeness.

Ayelle will also be at SXSW this coming year. Connect with her here.


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