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Based out of the eastern side of Nashville, TN. NIGHTMØDE also known as producer singer-songwriter Matt Kass drops a really effective debut track in titled “Penthouse Refugees”.

A psychedelic rock number with hints of desert rock à la Queens of the Stone Age. Rolling, heavy pounding drums and and synthesizers that will satisfy any fans of Tame Impala and Toro Y Moi.

“Penthouse Refugees, don’t stop it’s not enough, don’t stop ’till you get just what you want”

For over ten years now, Matt Kass has been working as a producer, songwriter, mixer and musician. Bringing his past experiences together and the know-how gathered throughout his career to perfect use in his first solo debut and the release of “Penthouse Refugees” that he releases today, Friday 19th of October 2018.

A track that is full to the rafters with texture, dynamic, modern and earwormy arrangements. NIGHTMØDE is a sure hit. Can’t wait to actually hear more from the Nashvillian who also worked with the likes of Daru Jones (Jack White’s previous drummer) and also performed in bands The Brakes and Modern Inventors. As Matt says in an informal conversation we had together:

Penthouse Refugees is about getting caught up in material possessions and how they end up controlling you. People have the desire to live in a big city but it can make you live above your means, and ultimately create an environment where you’re never satisfied with what you have. 

NIGHTMØDE is a collaborative project for me as a producer/writer. It was intended for people to listen to this music at night, preferably under headphones so they can focus on the vibe and sonic landscape that I’ve created.

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