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Gosh Pith are from the bankrupt motor-city of Detroit, MI. Located up in the northern parts of the United States, it’s often cold as hell in the winter months. And after listening to their three geniusly crafted tracks and their last effort with “Window” I can only picture the views, landscapes and city skyline they were inspired, influenced by. Detroit was also the hometown of my dear Jack White, frontman of a little duo and all time favorite band of mine : The White Stripes. Along with Meg White, also born there.

So, even though, I haven’t been there myself (and would definitely pay a visit if I had the mooolahh), I have some kind of deep groupie-esque connection to the city. Not to mention all the other great acts to have been nursed and spat out of that city… The Detroit Cobras is just an example.

Anyway, my point is, Gosh Pith make for some real good music. It’s mostly chilled tunes. With cosmic soundscapes and their lyrics are on point. Same goes for the production. But enough of me blabbering on like a desperate housewife, spin those slow-burning, exquisite tracks and make sure you follow their online dollops too… You won’t regret. best served with a late night whisky on the rocks / or a simply effective beer.


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