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I had never heard of Makeness before. Total unknown territory until today and boy was I picking the scattered pieces of my blown-mind upon playing the almighty ’14drops’ track for the first time.

Indeed. Antoine, a cool dude with a golden taste and sense for kick arse music out there, had turned me onto this guy earlier on this morning, recommending I should lend an ear to his newly, freshly baked jam he had released today. Makeness is his stage name. ANd the track is called “14drops”. See the perfection and a new frontier pushed even further with the master-blending of brass elements and danceable house beats together. Something made for a live setting as Makeness explains to LOBF :

A lot of my favourite tracks hit the perfect combination of live instrumentation and mechanised electronics. Hopefully I’ve come close here!

Makeness will release his sophomore single, “14 Drops / Acid Dad”, on May 27th via Handsome Dad Records.And he’s on the edge of glory…

Keep a very close eye, cause he’ll keep blowing minds… Meanwhile keep it funky good and play the rest of his Soundcloud offering :

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