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Any stress you’re feeling from the past week is about to melt away into a misty, silky haze, all thanks to andreas owens. The SoCal-based singer and producer has just pushed the bounds of bedroom pop another notch further with his spellbinding new track “not much (better than before)”. A supremely easy listen with a deceptively deep message about being your best self, this one’s too good to miss.

Listen to “not much (better than before)” by andreas owens:

There’s definitely a delicate feel to “not much (better than before)”, but not in that sort of way where it feels unsubstantial in the least. Andreas does an amazing job of layering loads of depth and texture under the surface with building flurries of chimes and backing vocals, before he suddenly pulls the string and whisks you back to a chilled out room with nothing but an e-piano. About his own tune, Andreas says, “This feels like one of the most special songs I’ve ever made to date because of how helplessly imperfect it is. Like, I can really hear a lot of the mistakes I made while making it, but somehow I couldn’t find it in me to try and fix everything, or even feign an attempt to make it perfect”. If this is what his imperfections sound like, I’d hate to hear what Andreas would call my mistakes.

Tried to walk it straight, but I’m stumbling down
Tried to walk away, but I’m coming back now
Knew I needed you, but I didn’t know how
Or why I tried so hard

This marks only the third single from Andreas, following the groovy trend of “don’t feel happy ◡̈” and “falling & falling”. Give yourself a much-deserved breather for the soul, and give this one a go.


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