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Mixtape Fifty-Six – #fruity includes brilliance by Chaka Khan, Fabiana Palladino, Santigold, Emotional Oranges, Black Atlass, Jungle, Garçons, The Internet, NAS, Ben Khan, David August and a sizeable surprise track you wouldn’t want to miss out on… Enjoy the summery vibes on offer in our newest Mixtape:

Do you like this Mixtape? Share, repost and favourite… Means the world to us. Really seriously. 30 minutes (or more). One or two nuggets. The best new tracks. In a mixtape. By yours truly.

Tracklist :

  • Chaka Khan – Like Sugar 0:00
  • Ruthven – Hypotalamus 3:57
  • Robyn – Missing U 8:29
  • Fabiana Palladino – Shimmer 13:13
  • Santigold – Gold Fire 18:43
  • Emotional Oranges – Personal 22:31
  • Black Atlass – Kinda Like It 26:14
  • Jungle – Cherry 30:36
  • Garçons – Hang With Us 33:44
  • The Internet – Roll (Burbank Funk) 37:14
  • NAS – Cops Shot The Kid (Ft. Kanye West) 40:21
  • Ben Khan – 2000 Angels 43:02
  • David August – D’ANGELO 46:29



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