Introducing: ZENDR

Looking for evocative, silk-smooth execution on vocals in a very sharply produced package? We’ve got the perfect soulful, rhythm and blues track you need to consider today. Introducing British producer from London ZENDR or Alan Smith in real life with the brilliance of Jessica Wilde’s vocal effort on debut track “Skin Deep”. It’s a minimalistic approach on instrumental. One that is cut precisely and doesn’t feel overwhelming. Letting Jessica’s powerful vocals take over in a sexy, sultry and smooth way.  It’s a mind-twisting first attempt for ZENDR‘s debut track. We’ll keep a close eye and so should you, listen instead below to the official release and his previous track “Could Be” he uploaded just a month ago to test the waters…

ZENDR‘s – “Skin Deep” featuring Jessica Wilde is out now via Absent Mind Records


Previous tracks by ZENDR

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Last modified: August 26, 2018

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