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All the way from New York, in the US of A. Singer/songwriter Tim Maiden strikes gold with his clean cut, sharp and to the point first single taken from his forthcoming five track EP titled “Blood, Sex, & Tears” which he’s due to release later this year…

We at first glance, liked the black & white aesthetics of the project. Inviting us to discover more. And we weren’t disappointed at all with the findings. Tim Maiden soulful vocals just flow, linger and suspend in the air like the wonderful perfume that flows behind someone you secretly have a crush on. It hits you first. Instinctively leading you to follow in the footsteps before you realize what you’re doing; Double take, and continue on with your day wishing you had done otherwise.

Unmotivated by his past music career as well as feeling creatively stifled, Maiden took radical measures and went all-in into what he was longing for the most: Being 100% honest, not holding anything back. And this no nonsense moto is best heard in his upcoming first single “Old Ways.” For fans of SOHN, DVSN and Plaza…  Listen instead:

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