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After storming our love-lifes and late night shenanigans with his first two tracks “Again” and follow up “Wanting You” (listen below). PLAZA, a lone R&B singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada has somewhat decided to unveil a little more about himself, and his art.

Indeed, PLAZA comes back full-throttle with (and that’s a feat knowing the type of character we are dealing with here, draped in mystery and vagueness) a third track to date called “Reason”. PLAZA has the same sort of resonance as The Weekend got when he first started to put EPs out willy-nilly (I just love that expression, sorry)… and adding fuel to the fire with lush composition, brilliant vocals and a veil of obscurity surrounding the persona that only builds more tension to the final release of some identity…

Anyway “Reason” would be the perfect time to stop and listen to a real sweet piece of music… Even more so, if you’re ready to wrap yourselves into someone soft arms… And to listen to the previous amazing tracks on offer (further down)…


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